A Venue for Every Occasion
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Welcome to the Armoury of Chatham. This century-old heritage property adorns the edge of the Tecumseh Park on the banks of the picturesque Thames River.

Owner Dan Warrener's vision to turn this former military training facility into a premium multi-functional facility came to life in 2009 when the purchase of this historical building was completed.

The restoration plans have been designed to protect the heritage details of this landmark building.

The newly redesigned facility will be a happening place for wedding receptions, conferences and other large functions with a total seating capacity of 550. The building is currently being renovated and will feature a modern kitchen, a bride and groom suite, high speed internet and will be wheel chair accessible.

The land on which the Armoury sits was designated as a military reserve by Lt. Gov. John Graves Simcoe in 1794. The Armoury building was completed in 1905. The Armoury was occupied by the Kent Regiment until 1954.

The Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment occupied the building until 2006 when they moved to a new facility on Bloomfield Road. The purchase of the facility came at the end of 18 months of negotiations with federal and municipal officials.
14,600 sq ft of floor space, stunning shostorical building, state of the art kitchen, can seat up to 550 guests, room for up to 1000 guests, free high speed internet